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PTA Meeting Dates & Agenda

Meeting dates can also be found on the School Calendar

2021-2022 PTA meetings will be held monthly, on Wednesdays rotating between the Central/Arroyo Library and Zoom.

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2021/2022 Scheduled PTA Meetings:

Meeting Date:     Time:           Location:                                    Agenda:

9/15/21             8:45AM         Central/Arroyo Library             Agenda 9/15/21

10/13/21           7:00PM         Virtual via Zoom                      Agenda 10/13/21

11/10/21           8:45AM         Central/Arroyo Library            Agenda 11/10/21

1/12/22             7:00PM         Virtual via Zoom                     Agenda 1/12/22

2/9/22               8:45AM         Central/Arroyo Library            Agenda 2/9/22

3/9/22               7:00PM         Virtual via Zoom                     Agenda 3/9/22

4/13/22             8:45AM         Central/Arroyo Library            Agenda 4/13/22

5/18/22             7:00PM         Virtual via Zoom                     Agenda 5/18/22



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