4/15/19 CMS Newsletter

Principal's Message

April 15th, 2019

My initial plan for this week was to write about the unique challenges spring brings to middle school.  But I have had several people approach me to inquire about what parents can do to support their children in making good decisions around vaping.  This is very much at the front of my mind because of the recent increase in tobacco/nicotine use amongst teenagers. For decades, cigarette use has been on the decline, but that trend is heading in the wrong direction because of new technologies such as the Juul and other electronic cigarette devices which are specifically being marketed to children.

Past successes in decreasing the use of tobacco products have revolved around education.  Campaigns to end smoking focused on scientific evidence instead of simple scare tactics. Having said that, the most effective anti-smoking campaign programs evoked strong emotions by depicting the terrible health consequences of tobacco use. Teenages in particular are moved by seeing and hearing from people who have experienced the devastating effects of smoking. They then ask themselves, “Is it worth it?”

Here at Central we are bringing in Being Adept to do an intensive education campaign with our 7th graders. We are going to provide these lessons as soon as they get back from Yosemite. I want to thank the Central/Arroyo PTA for agreeing to help pay for the cost of this program. We all know it is money well spent.

As parents and educators there are several things we can do to help our teenages make good decisions.  While these tips are tailored for electronic cigarette usage, they actually work for drug and alcohol prevention as well.

  • Model good behavior. By setting a good example, parents can demonstrate how to be a responsible human.  In addition, do not expose your adolescent children to other adults who smoke or use vape pens. If you have friends who vape, ask them not to do so in front of your children.
  • Appeal to teen vanity. Remind your children how dirty and smelly smoking is. It gives people bad breath and makes teeth yellow.  Our kids think that vaping does not have these side-effects, but it does. Remind them that vaping also gives people wrinkles and less energy to do the fun things that they might enjoy.
  • Do the math with your children. Vaping is very expensive, especially if you do it regularly.  Talk about all the other ways your children might want spend their money. Present it as a choice - would you rather spend your money on vaping or (add what your child enjoys to do).
  • Educate your children on the seriousness of addiction. Young people have a difficult time understanding that addiction is a lifelong affliction. Most teens think that casual vaping does not lead to addiction. Make sure that they understand that vape cartridges contain significantly more nicotine than cigarettes.  Also remind your child that most addicts began as casual users.
  • Make it personal. Most teenages feel invinsible. Talk to them about somebody they may know that got cancer from smoking. Or provide examples of celebrities who died early from nicotine addiction.  
  • Don’t let your teen get fooled.  Make sure your child understands that the electronic cigarette industry is specifically marketing to children and are trying to get them addicted. Also remind them that the tobacco industry has a long history of trying to hide the harmful effects of their products. Vaping is marketed as healthy, but that is not true. Teenages do not like being lied to and manipulated.
  • Disapprove.  Make sure that your child knows that you disapprove of electronic cigarettes and that it is not allowed in your household.  Simply saying this carries more weight than you might think. It can also provide your child with on out - “My parents will kill me if they find out I’ve tried this.”
  • Understand the draw.  Smoking has always been a form of teen rebellion. It can also be a way to fit in or feel cool and independent.  Have a conversation with your child about how he or she may feel about vaping. Inquire as to whether they have friends who vape.  Applaud their peers who are making good decisions and reinforce the consequences to bad decision making.
  • Get Involved.  Probably the most important thing you can do for your child is to be involved in his or her life.  Teens take less risks and contribute in a positive way when their parents are actively involved in their lives. The instinct is to back off and give your child more space as they grow, which is important. But our kiddos still need us and want us in their lives, even if they do not act that way. A good way to stay involved is to invite your child’s friends along to fun family events. That way you know who their friends are while at the same time spending quality time with your family.

Below are some resources we shared previously that you may find useful:

Tom Domer


ASB has a few extra Class of 2019 T-shirts. If you are interested in purchasing one, please email Ms. Williams at jwilliams@scsdk8.org


CMS Yearbook Sales

Haven't bought your 2019 CMS Yearbook? Act now before it's too late! Yearbooks are available to purchase online until they sell out at www.cmsyearbook.com. You will be forwarded to the Herff-Jones secure site to finalize your order. We are using Herff-Jones email marketing system this year, so if you have received an email to buy a yearbook you can follow that link as well. Final deadline to purchase at the current price is May 11th. If you have any questions email our Yearbook Advisor Nick Lamb at nlamb@scsdk8.org.


Used Book Fair - Donate Your Old Favorites!

CMS Arroyo PTA is collecting books for our used book fair. Donated books should be appropriate for rising 4th graders to 8th graders (no board books or Harlequin romances, please!) Book collection bins will be located in the CMS office and in the library from April 8th- April 19th.



Mustang Roundup


CMS Arroyo PTA

PTACC...Why You Should Care...Check it out today!

PTACC stands for PTA Coordinating Council. 

The San Carlos PTA Coordinating Council is comprised of PTA Presidents from each school, Principals, SCEF, Charter and SC District Administration working together to collaborate and support the needs of all of the children in our 9 community schools.

PTACC also is an advocacy organization.  During this season with State budget pressures, be sure to check out the PTACC website to find out how you can get involved.

Click here to advocate today.



CMS Arroyo PTA is collecting books for our used book fair. Donated books should be appropriate for rising 4th graders to 8th graders (no board books or Harlequin romances, please!) Book collection bins will be located in the CMS office and in the library from April 8th- April 19th. 

Contact Christen or Jigna with questions.



SCSD Athletics

Please use the DISTRICT LINK https://www.scsdsports.org for information on SCSD Athletics. Call 415-334-3333 or email scsdsports@legarzasports.org with any questions.





Revel at Devil's!

On May 4, 2019, join us at for the annual community event at Devil’s Canyon and enjoy live music by the Best of the 80s: Tainted Love!

Ticket price is $75 per person and $35 per teacher/staff.

Price includes entrance to Devil's Canyon, one drink ticket, as well as dinner from food trucks & dessert table.

Buy your tickets now and pick one up for your favorite educator too!

Go to: www.scefkids.org/reveltickets



June 14, 2019 is San Carlos Night at Oracle Park!


Join parents and community members for the 2019 San Carlos Night at SF Giants.

Hear our students sing the National Anthem before the game & watch the Giants take on the Milwaukee Brewers (gametime is 7:15 P.M.). Stay after the game for FIREWORKS!!!

Tickets available at San Carlos Youth Center from April 8. Cash or Check only.

Purchase your spot for your child to sing  the National Anthem at San Carlos Night at the Giants here:  https://scefkids2019.ggo.bid

See last year’s video: https://www.scefkids.org/2018-scef-anthem-performance/



Community Partners



Thursday Evening Parent Support Group

Thursday, April 18, at Heather Elementary School Library from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m.

This week we delve further into our topic of empathy based on the work of research scientist Brene Brown. Join us to explore empathetic skill building. The group is sponsored by One Life Counseling Center, and free to parents in the San Carlos School District. This is an another opportunity to meet fellow parents in the school district community!

To RSVP go to this link and purchase your free ticket: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/parent-support-group-san-carlos-school-district-tickets-53717537601




San Carlos Earth Day Cleanup 2019

Want to make a difference this Earth Day? Roll up your sleeves and join the City of San Carlos on Saturday, April 20 from 9 to 11 a.m. to clean up downtown Laurel Street.
This fourth annual Earth Day event is a great way for community members to be a part of on-going efforts to increase sustainability while keeping our City clean and beautiful. 
For more information or to sign-up by April 5 visit www.cityofsancarlos.org/earthdaysignup





High School Happenings


Sequoia High School



  • Sequoia High School, Gym 1 (Main Gym)
  • Tuesday, April 23, 2019
  • 6:30pm - 8:00pm

The entire Sequoia family is delighted to welcome you-- our incoming students and parents-- to our annual Incoming Student Welcome Event on April 23rd, 2019. Principal Sean Priest will kick the night off with a short presentation followed by a question and answer session with current Sequoia students who can give you the inside scoop on what to expect during this important transition and first year. Expert members of our PTSA, Education Foundation and Boosters Club will also be there to welcome you to the school and answer all your questions. Please join us for this fun, casual, informational night this spring so that you can enjoy your summer break, confident that you are ready to enjoy a smooth start at Sequoia in the fall. Small children are welcome. For more information about this event, please email events@shsef.org.

If you are interested in trying out for Sequoia Cheerleading for 2019-2020, please email msmelody200@aol.com for tryout information.

Sequoia Day/Sequoia Stampede

Saturday, April 20, 2019 (9:00 AM)



Also, for more information about Sequoia and all of our programs, please visit our website at http://www.sequoiahs.org/index.html    

Carlmont High School


Attached  please find a flier regarding Carlmont football.


•    Carlmont High School website: http://carlmonths.org/ 
•    Sequoia Union High School District website: http://www.seq.org/ 

•    Central, Charter, & Tierra Linda: Chris Cook chris@brycecookgroup.com      
•    Nesbit, Ralston & Non-Feeder: Carol Castro carolcastro@comcast.net  
•    For non-feeder school ONLY: email CarlmontInfo@gmail.com to join mailing list


Summit/Everest High School

For more information go to summitps.org


Design Tech High School