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Fitness and Wellness (PE)

Back to School Night Presentation
Fitness & Wellness Rubric
Did you miss Back to School Night? Or are you just interested in reviewing the presentation that was shown? It's packed with great information on physical education so check it out now.
The Fitness & Wellness Rubric is a guide to how students are assessed in the following areas: intrapersonal skills, interpersonal skills, skill performance and the comprehension of concepts & principles.
This Fitness and Wellness slideshow explains the Physical Fitness Test:
All students are required to wear black or green shorts and a white or grey t-shirt to F&W class.
You may purchase F&W clothes through Legarza Sports.

However, students do NOT need to wear CMS branded F&W clothes (the ones which Legarza is selling for us), they may wear any black or green shorts and grey t-shirt.

To purchase CMS branded PE clothes: visit the Legarza page and select "Clothing" from the Sports drop down menu.

1. Select the items you would like to purchase and put them in your cart.

2. Go to your cart, verify quantity for each item and checkout.

3. TO REDEEM: Print out the receipt that was emailed to you and have your child bring it to their PE teacher to pick up their new items.