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Bell Schedules 2020-21

Below is the schedule for the last week of school.  Drop off and pick up times do not change, nor does zoom time.  The one exception to this is Thursday which is a minimum day.  Because this is the last week of school many of the zoom lessons will be asynchronous or simple check-ins. Teachers have communicated to students expectations for the last week of school.  


Last week of School Schedule:


  • A Day - Students come to school and go to their morning classes
  • Afternoon Zoom as normal
  • (8th grade grad practice at 12:45)


  • A Day students come to Field Day in the morning. (all 8th grade students)
  • In the afternoon - 3rd and 4th Period Zoom classes check in
  • (8th grade pizza and grad practice at 12:45)


  • 6th Grade - Normal Zoom Day student with all teachers check in
  • 7th Grade - assembly from 9-10:30
  • (8th grade graduation at 11am)

Thursday: Last day of  School - minimum Day

  • B Day and Connections students come to Field Day in the morning.
  • 12:15 to 1:00 PM  A Day students In check in with 1st or 5th period